I want to apologize for the misdescriptions in the contents of POPPO, Railway Track Set.

Here are the correct ones:

Set12=D Set13=E Set14=A

If you'd like to exchange the items, please feel free to get in touch with TOMOZOO Lomu.

Again, I'm very sorry for causing you such inconvenience.


線路セットの記載が間違っており正しくはset12=D set13=E set14=A となっております。

交換を希望の方はTOMOZOO Lomuまでご連絡ください。ご迷惑おかけして申し訳ありません。

POPPO - My Railroad -




Connect your favorite trains & wagons and 

Create your town & rail systems by placing tracks & trains.

There are many associated items such as railroad crossing 

and train stations with full of action.


  Place track pieces at approximate location and angle, 

  then press "Adjuster" button.  The tracks will automatically align. 

  Press "Set OK" button makes the board invisible and it becomes ready.

  Touch the track to bring out a menu and select "Setting Menue" to

  show the board again.



  There are 2 types of vehicles, the locomotive and 

  attached railroad cars. Railroad cars require locomotive unit to 

  run. (up to 5 railroad cars per locomotive)

  Click locomotive while it is on the track and select 

  "Connect Joint". Then Place a railroad car on the red board

  and press "Set OK" button for connecting cars.

  Press "Out Joint" for disconnection.


  "Start" will start the train. Click again and select "Stop" to

  stop the train.

  Smoke particle On/Off and 180 degree rotation can be initiated 

  from the menu.(while train is a stop)


  Diorama is for a town and an environmental decoration.

  Place them where desired.


*Important Note

  Sound level of a diorama can be adjusted by cliking it 

  and selecting "Sound Vol".


  Clock on a diorama can be adjusted by "time set" function.

  Please make sure to have "Adjuster Board" displayed 

  when you take the item into your inventory.  All items will be

  shown as "Poppo_Railroad" in your inventory and will not be able to 

  properly identified.  A proper item name will be shown only if you

  have the "Adjuster Board" displayed when you take them into your


  Train will reverse its direction and start again at the end of the track.

  The items are designed to be placed on a level plane.

  It may not work properly when placed on inclined surface.

  In case it stops working, please "take" and "re-rez" the item.

*Bloggers Gacha (2015/12/01~2015/12/31)

  Receive a coin to win special effectors 

  by writing reviews and/or creating video clips of POPPO.

  Please refer to our website for details.


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自由に線路を並べて 自由に好きな貨車を連結して

貴方の鉄道 あなたの街を 作れます。





  位置を決定しましたら[SET OK]を押してボードを非表示にして設置完了です。

  もう一度ボードを出すには線路をタッチしてメニューから[Setting menu]を選んでください。




  連結方法は先頭車両を線路の上に乗せた状態でクリックし[Connect joint]を選択してください。

  赤いボードが出ますので連結車両を赤いボードの上に乗せ[SET OK]を選択してください。

  連結解除は[Out joint]を選択してください。







 ・音の出るジオラマはタッチで[Sound Vol]を選択し音量を調節してください。

 ・時計の付いているジオラマは[time set]で時差の調整が可能です。






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D-LAB : dazai Voom